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About Wires Crossed

Wires Crossed is a project by the Yale Instructional Technology Group (ITG) to understand the mobile habits and tech needs of students at Yale University. The blog is independently managed by five undergraduates, and this is where we share our thoughts on how emerging instructional technology is changing the way we learn.

The Team

(from left to right)

Austin Bernhadt (TC ‘12) has three Nobel Prizes and two Pulitzers to his name. When he’s not editor-ing for the YDN, he can be found sand-surfing over the dunes of Namibia.

Salvador Fernandez (TC ‘13) is fluent in fifteen languages, including Parseltongue. When he isn’t dropping sick beats on Yale Radio, he can be found whipping up a wicked scrambled egg in the TrumButt.

Henry Furman (TC ‘14) is the lost wizard-king of Atlantis. When he isn’t raising hell with the rest of the Yale football team, he can be found sipping a martini off the Straits of Gibraltar.

Sara Stalla (TC ‘13) has a black belt in Javanese Kickboxing. Nuff said. When she isn’t busy editing hours of footage, she can be found indulging in her passion for recreational psychometry.

Emmanuel Quartey (TC ‘12) knows what you did, and approves! When he isn’t performing with his a cappella group, he can be found trying to whittle away at the three billion open tabs on his browser.

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