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by Emmanuel Quartey

photo credit: Lauren Manning via photopin cc

I don’t know why this isn’t a bigger deal on the interwebs, but you can now take nine Yale Summer Session courses for full Yale credit in Summer 2012. The courses are:

SESSION A (June 4-July 6)

ENGL S220E Milton, John Rogers

MUSI S265E Jazz and Race in America, Tom Duffy

PSYC S110E Introduction to Psychology, Kristina Olson

PSYC S171E Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature, Laurie Santos

SESSION B (July 9-August 10)

ECON S285E The Welfare Economics of Public Policy, Don Brown

ENVE S105E Introduction to Green Energy, Yehia Khalil

MUSI S120E Listening to Classical Music, Craig Wright

PHIL S152E Moralities of Everyday Life, Paul Bloom

PLSC S394E/MMES S481E Introduction to Middle East Politics, Ellen Lust

Note that you’ll have to pay for these classes, so they’ll put you back a few thousand dollars, but it’s still a huge move for the University. You can take free online courses through Open Yale Courses, but to the best of my knowledge, this is Yale’s first serious entry into for-profit long-distance learning. I wonder who is driving this initiative, and whether there’re any plans to extend the program into the academic year.

For full course descriptions please click here.

For application information please click here.

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First Impressions of Apple’s iTextbook

by Emmanuel Quartey

Cinematic opening sequence of “E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth”.

Apple made waves last month with its entry into the digital textbooks market. The commentary around the announcement was impassioned, but for this post, I’m not going to revisit the arguments for/against the iTextbook. Rather, I’m just going to speak to my experience of reading the free preview of E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth. These are my first impressions.

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Top Three (Free) iPad Flashcard Apps for Students

by Emmanuel Quartey

photo credit: d3b…* via photopin cc

It’s already midterm season, which means that if you’re taking a class that requires a lot of memorization, you’re going to need to come up with a way to commit all those terms to memory. Flashcards are a tried and true method of getting the job done, but writing out dozens of physical flashcards can be a chore. Enter SCIENCE. Here’re the three most popular free flashcard apps in the Apple appstore.

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Presenting Wires Crossed to the Trumbull Fellows

by Emmanuel Quartey

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of presenting before the Trumbull Fellows, a group of instructors and professionals affiliated with Trumbull College. It was a much larger turn-out than we were expecting, and underscored in my mind how deeply curious educators are about the emergent tools that promise to aid learning.

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Bass Media Fair this Saturday!

by Emmanuel Quartey

At the first-ever Bass Media Fair, Yalies can get their hands dirty with the ever-popular Bass Media Equipment Checkout program’s equipment! We’re unveiling new items, a new consulting aspect of the program, and we’ll have 3 media demos during the event.

Come play with our cameras, ask questions about hardware and software, and find out more about how our program works. There are prizes, too: fill out a short survey, and you’ll be entered to win one of several prizes, including a Canon Powershot camera! Light refreshments will be available.

Hosted by: Bass Media Equipment Checkout, ITS and Bass Library
Where: Sterling Lecture Hall (by Wall St. entrance)
When: Saturday Feb. 4, 1-4pm

For more information, contact Erin Scott (erin.scott@yale.edu).

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Sign up for the Yale Hackathon!

by Emmanuel Quartey

From the Computing and the Arts email list:


Yale Hackers (Undergraduate Computing Club) is having a hackathon two weekends from now.

The theme of the hackathon is making life more efficient.  How can you play into the laziness of Yale students?  How could you automate your life?

We’ll have food, prizes and sponsorship from great potential employers, so it’ll be a lot of fun.  The hackathon will run from noon Saturday, 2/18 to noon Sunday, 2/19.  All students (undergrad and graduate) are invited to attend.

Please RSVP:  http://www.doodle.com/p4rng64c3kx4f43h

We’ll have prizes for the best project, the most futuristic idea and interface, the project that saves the most time, and the best underclassmen team.

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Free audio workshops at the Digital Media Center for the Arts at Yale

by Emmanuel Quartey

Photo from the Yale School of Music website.

Are you a Yalie who enjoys making music? You’ll want to know about this.

The Digital Media Center for the Arts at Yale is a “multimedia facility created to establish connections between traditional art and the computer age.” In addition to making high quality equipment available for rent, the Center also organizes workshops on a range on topics, and the next few session revolve around audio and music recording. This is the email from Anna Loar, Technical Specialist at the DMCA.

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