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Sacred Spaces, Profane (Wired) Places

by Emmanuel Quartey

Image: From the exhibition, Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings. 

Early morning ramblings, y’all.

Matilde Cassani recently had an exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture called Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings, and it got me thinking about the definition of sacred space today.

For her project, Cassani compiled an archive of sacred places in “residential, commercial, or otherwise non-religious buildings”. These are oases of calm and contemplation in otherwise frenetic environments. If we distill the idea of sacredness to a place that is untethered from the concerns of the rest of the world, what might a similar archive of sacred places in a digitally networked world look like?

No Cell Phone Use, Please

Elevators. Airplanes. Subways. When we enter these places, we temporarily sever our connection to the world, and the experience of being off the grid can be oddly unsettling. But what if we embraced these places, and thought of them not as inconveniences, but as deeply welcome moments of respite?

While I’m thankful for the convenience of always being connected, I can’t help but wonder what we lose when we light up these previously dark spots.

Interview with Matilde Cassani about the exhibition at Urban Omnibus.

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